Why Us?

We are team of locals diving experts who loves diving and has been living in Khao Lak for 10 years.
Khao Lak Explorer Dive Center and Resort has been created 10 years ago to provide the best service for diving, snorkeling and land tours in the area.
We will help you plan your dive trips to the best sites according to what you want and the diferent boats schedules. We will guide you through the process to make your dive holidays memorable.
Our vision:

  • More than a Dive Center, a Tailor Made Diving Experience in Khao Lak
  • Office in Khao Lak Center & Dive Resort
  • We care about you, you are our most important customer
  • 10 Years Experience in Khao Lak Area
  • Easy booking process

Why booking with Us you will ask?:

We are here for you, in Khao Lak, Our Office & Resort are located near the center

Khao Lak Explorer Dive Resort When you go visit new york, would you prefer to have local guide who knows everything and deserve to work or book a tour on a giant corporate company site?
We all want to have the best experience during our holidays and that’s what our local team is aiming for.
There is plenty of dive centers/agents online, but who do you want to book with?
A big corporate travel agents located in some office Amsterdam or Hong Kong owned by shareholders somewhere in the world, some online agents seating in their home somewhere in the world with no after sale service OR A local Team of Passionate instructors and dive-masters who knows the area wand promote the local economies.
We also have a nice office to great you and meet you when you are here.
The choice should be easy to make, we are here for you on the spot, doing all the work we can to make your holidays great.
Our office in Khao Lak, have air-conditioning, sofa area, classroom, free water, free WiFi, our office staff to help you.

We also have a wide range of retail equipment if you need something before your trip, wet-suit, fins, mask, computers, Gopro accessories etc…

A nice team of dive professional:

We select our staff rigorously for the best experience, our dive center is not too big not too small which give us the chance to have a great team all around. (some big dive center have 50 staffs, I let you imagine trying to find 50 great instructor, that’s nearly impossible).
We have 2 full time online staff to answer your emails, phone calls, whatsapp etc… 1 office manager to take care of you when you come check in and visit us, and about 8 instructors from different nationalities speaking English, French, Spanish, German.
We are also PADI 5 Star dive center.

Nice and super recent rental gear:

Rental Dive Equipment We proud ourselves in providing the best dive gear in town, all our BCDs, regulators, fins, wet-suits are in very good shape, all service and renewed every 2 years.
We are awarded aqualung partner center a label of quality.

Easy booking process:

Our booking process is easy and our staff online will provide you the info needed in a timely manner. you can contact us by phone, email, whatsapp, viber, facebook etc…
Payment process are also arranged for your to be the easiest possible.

Prices and packages:

Some trips we have our own and organize ourselves, some other trips we act as an agent, we tightly cooperate for years with live-aboard and boat owner and offers same price guaranty as any other agents.
As we also operate land tours you can get all in one place your trip in the area, which makes your life much easier.

Participate in local conservation programs

Shark Guardian Dive Center We partners with Shark guardian, providing survey data about fishes at Similan for scientist to compile in database, the manta and whale shark project is pretty cool, if you take a nice picture of manta, you can identify it and trace it later when it will be seen again.
Conservation action are quite limited by the national park rules but a few programs are running based on volunteering:
Trash hero program which organised beach clean ups.
Also Green Fins Thailand which provide educative information in Thai and English about conservation and marine life.
As divers we also collect trash or plastic found underwater and encourage our customer to do so.

Everybody is welcome to participate!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime during office hours (be aware of the time-shift though).