Surfing in Khao Lak

Khao Lak Surf School

pakarang-surfing We no longer rent surf board, surfing is the best during the month of Jun to September, as soon as the moonsoon hit Khao Lak and the wind blows from the ocean, it creates swells and waves on the shore.

We recommend you Pakarang surf shop is located at memeories beach, they are very nice and rent surf board or give lessons, restaurant, bar and bungalow for rent as well are on the spot.
I’m pretty sure they can make you a surfing package, you can rent surf board + motorbike + accommodation, and you will be ready for your surfing holidays.

Surfing Lesson in Khao Lak

We have a few surf spots in Khao Lak. You can get pretty good waves in Nangthong beach, Bang Niang Beach or Pakarang Beach, between 1 to 3 m waves. As the wave is not so high, it is quite easy for beginners, and also quite nice if you are an experienced surfer when it’s a bit more rough.

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Mobile: +66 (0)89-729-2251

Surfboard Rental price: ask at memories bar
Surf Motobike Rental: ask at memories bar
Surfboard + Surf Motobike Rental: 3ask at memories bar
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