Special Offers and Early bird & Last Minute Similan Liveaboards

Our Early bird and last minute Similan islands liveaboards discount and offers only happened when a few spaces are remaining on the boat a day or two before departure. (Mainly due to cancellations)
Our liveaboard trip are mostly full a month or 2 in advanced, don t expect any last minutes prices in very busy times, it only happens when people cancelled last minutes, which open a few spaces on the boat.

Similan islands liveaboard Early birds offers

Early bird promotion applies usually for booking made before September, booking must be paid in full at the time of booking, contact us for checking available early bird offers.

Available only on a few trips with a couple of spaces left,
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Last minute Similan islands liveaboards

Luxury Liveaboards Specials: Early Bird Booking

Special -10% Discount early bird
* Available only on booking made before 1st September and paid in full, contact us to find out about offers!

Last minutes offers are filling up usually quite quick as it’s for a few remaining spaces avilaible last minute onboard.
To get the best last minute deal, send us an email and we will inform you of the last minutes offers.

Our last minutes offers are usually made 1 week before departure, if you are flexible on your dates, cabins type and so on, we can send you the best offers when they are available.

Waiting for a last minutes means that you might not get the cabin you wanted, trip length you when or the date you wanted, but it’s cost efficient.

Register to get updated with the best offers below a week before departure: