Similan islands Accommodation | Sleep at Similan islands

Not longer Available: The National Park Officials has decided to Close the accommodation on Similan islands to public at the moment, bungalows and tents has been removed. Snorkeling daytrips are still available.
If you want to stay overnight on an islands, you can check our tours to Surin island overnight in tent or bungalows.

Similan islands Accommodation

Sleeping at the Similan islands or Surin islands is possible!!!

If you like to be on a stunning island in the Andaman sea, you can spend a few nights on the Similan islands or Surin islands, the national offer a few diferent types of accomodation.

Book in advance as it s often full!!! Specially for bungalows.

Similan islands accomodations types:

Similan Tents

These tents are rented by the national park, private tents are not allowed, there are about 2 square meter with a thin mattress (gym mat type) and pillows, price is 570 Baht a day.

Similan Bungalows

The Similan islands bungalows is what you want if you like a bit more comfort there is about 20 bungalows on islands number 4 (none on island number 8) price is 2000 THB/Night with air-condition (the aircond can only be run during certain hours, when the generators are running), there is fan bungalows for 1000 THB/Night as well.

The is a shower and toilet building as well as a small restaurant on the island.

The bungalows are very basic, these are government owned accommodation and don t expect luxury… The bungalows are what they are, and there is no other option if you would like a bed.

To reserve your Similan Islands bungalow you can go through the long process of the government website, plus you will have to pay international bank transfer fee, if you don t speak Thai, it will be hard for you, it is very difficult to reach the national park office.

If you join one of our snorkeling trip, we take care of the tent or bungalow reservation for you without fee.

You can find our Similan island overnight tours at:
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