Sidemount Divers Course Similan

Sidemount Divers Course at Similan islands

Sidemout course in Similan Khao Lak Explorer is now offering the PADI Sidemount Diver specialty course. Sidemount is a refreshing new way to enjoy your dives with a different tank configuration. There are many advantages for people to consider becoming a sidemount diver. To note only a few, this tank configuration give you the option to double the amount of gas you carry, give you flexibility in streamlining options and give you an amazing feeling of freedom underwater. Never mind the bulky backmount tank, just jump in the water, clip your tanks on, and off you go to explore the Similan National Park’s amazing underwater scenery.


Sidemount Diver Khao Lak
What does the course entail?

  • The PADI Sidemount Diver Course will teach you how to assemble and configure scuba diving equipment.
  • How to adjust your weight system and sidemount equipment for a perfect horizontal trim underwater
  • How to manage gas by switching second stages and balancing the tank pressures in both tanks
  • How to respond to potential issues underwater while diving on sidemount
  • Different water entries using sidemount

Why go sidemount?

  • A great new challenge
  • Double the amount of gas if diving with two tanks, hence longer dives
  • A great first step if you plan on getting into technical diving in the future
  • The option to choose to go with one or two tanks, depending on what type of dive you will be doing
  • A great combination with the Nitrox specialty course, for longer bottom time

Sidemount Course Prerequisites:

To enroll in the sidemount Course you must:

  • Be 15 years old or older
  • PADI Open Water

Sidemount Course Schedule:

Course can be done a few diferent ways

  • Day 1 : Knowledge development (self-study)
  • Day 2 : Theory review and confined water training
  • Day 3 : Three dives at local dive site or 3 dives at Koh Bon and Koh Tachai (only available on Wednesdays)

You can also combine your PADI Sidemount Diver Course with any 2 days 1 night liveaboard trip, 3 days 2 nights or with 2 day trips (3 training dives, 1 fun dive). Contact us for more details and prices!

Sidemount Gear Setup:

Sidemount courseApeks sidemount gear