Refresher Course

Scuba review Course

Refresher Course in Khao Lak

The PADI Refresher Course or PADI Scuba review program is for certified diver who haven’t been diving for while.

During the refresher dive you will re-practice a set of skills, praticing your boyancy and safety skills in a pool or in the ocean, until you feel comfortable.

After the course you will be ready to go on your dive trip the next day.

The refresher dives can be done either in a pool (takes a couple of hours) or in the ocean at the local reef (take half a day).

Tready to get back into diving after a long break !
Throughout the course, you will review:

  • Diving Theory essentials
  • Set up of your dive gear and boat diving entries
  • Safety underwater skills
  • Buoyancy skills and pratical skills/li>

Now you are ready to joins on of our diving daytrip or liveaboard to the Similan islands !

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Refresher Course Prerequisites:

To enroll in the refresher Course you must:

  • Be a Certified Diver

Scuba Review chedule:

Example of Schedule

Scuba Refresher Course: :

in a Pool

  • Come to our dive pool at the agreed time (we are flexible)
  • 2h pool and theory training
  • Log book recording or the refresher session

On Local Reef Daytrip:

  • Pick up 09:45
  • 10:20 Refresher dive 1
  • Lunch
  • Lunch
  • 11:30 Refresher Dive 2
  • 15:30 Back to your hotel

Scuba review Questions:

  • What to bring?
    Dive card, dive gear, log book, swimwear, a pen, sun-cream, towel.
  • Can I join a dive trip after?
    Yes of course you can then join a daytrip or liveaboard with us.
  • How long does it takes?
    Between 2h and half a day depending on the option you choose

Refresher Course Prices:

All included Price
In a Pool1690 THB/pers
On Local Reef Daytrip3390 THB/pers

Price all included, includes: Dive Gear, Instruction.

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