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Open Water Course

Open Water Course

Open Water Course at the Similan islands

or local dive sites.
The PADI Open Water course will teach you all the basic skills and reflex to be able to go diving safely, with a buddy, to a maximum depth of 18m.
We offer tailor made courses, which means you choose where you would like to dive during your course, on daytrips to Similan islands, on local dives daytrips or during a liveaboard.
The duration of the course is 3 days and half and can be shorten to 2 days and half with the E-learning option, where you will complete all theory online from home.

The course is composed of three different parts.

  • Theory: You will learn all the theory of scuba diving to go diving safety (don t worry, it s easy, a 10 year old kid can do it)
  • Pool session: You will practice skills related to common problems encountered while diving.
  • 4 Open Water Dives: During the open water dives you will use the theory and the skills you learned to practice during the dive and prepare and plan you dives.

At the end of the Open Water course you will certified Open Water Diver!
The certification is world wide recognized and you can dive everywhere you want with a buddy.
Finished the eternal discover scuba diving over and over again, you are now a real Open Water Diver! Welcome to the diving world!

Loved the Open Water Course!, continue to the next step Advanced Open Water Course
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PADI Open Water E-learning

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PADI Online E-Manual, No Paper Book, We Love & Save the Trees !

Open Water Course Prerequisites:

To enroll in the Open Water Course you must:

  • Be 10 years old or older
  • Beginner
  • First time diving or no licence
  • Be able to swim
  • Have completed the medical form and not have any medical problems

Dedicated scuba diving pool for Open Water Training.

Open Water Course Prices:

All included PricePromotion!
Theory + Pool
+ 2 Local Reef Dives + 2 Wreck Dives
12400 THB
Theory + Pool
+ 2 Local Reef dives + 2 Similan Dives
14900 THB
Theory + Pool
+ 2 Similan Dives + 2 Wreck dives
15900 THB
Theory + Pool + 4 Similan Islands
Daytrips Dives (Included E-learning)
18900 THB
Included E-learning
17900 THB
No E-learning
Theory + Pool + 2D/1N Liveaboard
4 Similan Islands Dives (Included E-learning)
18900 THB
Included E-learning
17900 THB
No E-learning
Theory + Pool + 2D/1N Liveaboard
(6 Dives) (Included E-learning)
20900 THB
Included E-learning
19900 THB
No E-learning
OW course combine with 3 days 3 nights liveaboards26 400 THB (Twin Bed Cabin)
OW course combine with 4 days 4 nights liveaboards32 500 THB (4 Bed Share Cabin)
OW course combine with 4 days 4 nights liveaboards34 500 THB (Twin Bed Cabin)
Private Instructor+ 1600 THB/Day
E-learning+ 2000 THB
OW Referral (if you already completed pool + theory)Normal price – 2500 THB

Price all included, includes: Full set equipment + dive computer, lunch, taxi from Khao Lak, dive guide ratio 1 to 4 or 5, water, coffee, tea.
Not Included: dive insurance, Soft drinks.

These guys are the best, we had so much fun doing the course with them that we added a few more days of diving afterward.
We were only 2 student with our instructor Theo, great teacher, he explained with details and patience. The diving part was awesome, we saw almost everything in our 2 days 1 nights trip, turtles, barracuda, nemo, and even had a manta ray swimming by! We will never forget this experience.
Thanks a lot to Khao Lak Explorer Team.
Marc T.
We had a great diving course with Khao Lak Explorer.
The gear was brand new, friendly instructor and office staff, we checked out other dive center but really like Khao Lak Explorer because there dive courses are all included with lunches and everything, so no surprises. The prices are one of the best in town as well. Check out there facebook page they always update pictures of the trips.
we had an Awesome time with Khao Lak Explorer.
Thank You!
Julie C.
After long research about Khao Lak, I quickly realized that these guys are top notch and they offer very flexible option starting everyday and for all budgets.
I chosen the local dives + Similan dives and had a blast, Alexi was a great teacher, we had so much fun and were only 3 person in the course.
Will definitely go back for a liveaboard next time with them.
Khao Lak Explorer you rule!
Mike C.

Diving Location:

Example of Schedule related to the dive location you choose:

If you choose E-learning The course duration is only 2 days and half !

  • Day 0 (1/2 day): Half a day Pool
  • Day 1: Dive 1 & 2
  • Day 2: Dive 3 & 4

If you choose Open Water Course at Khao Lak local dives or Similan islands Daytrips :

  • Day 0: Half a day of video and theory
  • Day 1: Pool sessions and theory
  • Day 2: Dive 1 & 2 Local Dives
  • Day 3: Dive 3 & 4 Local Dives

If you choose Open Water Course during Liveaboard:

Exemple 1: During 2 days 1 nights liveaboard

  • Day 0: Half a day of video and theory
  • Day 1: Pool sessions and theory
  • Day 2 & 3:4 or 6 Dives at the Similans on liveaboard

Exemple 2: During 4 days 4 nights liveaboard

  • Day 0: Half a day of video and theory
  • Day 1: Pool sessions and theory
  • in the evening of day 1: departure on the liveaboard
  • Day 2,3,4,5: 15 Dives on the liveaboard

Diving Questions:

  • What to bring?
    Sun protection, Towel, Bathing suit, Camera, your dive equipment if you have any.
  • Can I dive with a buddy after this course?
    Yes you will be certified Open Water diver and be able to dive with a buddy to a maximum depth of 18m.
  • Can I fly after diving?
    You need to wait 24h before taking flying.
  • Can I dive if I have Asthma?
    Sorry, we do not take divers with Asthma.
  • Do I need to know how to swim?
    Yes you need to know how to swim to be able to scuba dive.
  • I never try before, is it a problem?
    We recommend you to do a try dive or discover scuba diving before, but it s not necessary as the course is made to start from zero, you will practice in swimming pool and have time to become confident.
  • Can I dive if I have a medical problem?
    You will need to fill a medical form, and get a medical certificate which allow you to dive if you have any medical problems.
  • Can my kid dive?
    If he is more than 10 years old he can, the depth limitation will be 12 m between 10 and 12 years old. He will be certified Junior Open Water Diver.