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Advanced Open Water Course

Advanced Open Water Course

Advanced Open Water Course at the Similan islands

or local Dives.
The PADI Advanced Open Water course is for divers already certified Open Water or equivalent from another agency, who which improve their diving skills, while learning about different style of diving.
The course consist of 5 Adventure dives and knowledge development.
Each dives have a specific theme and you can choose from a list of different diving styles:

  • Deep Dive: This dive is compulsory and you will learn techniques and specification related to deep dives, down to 30m, this will allows you to have access to a bigger part of the dive sites.
  • Navigation: This is the 2nd compulsory dive, you will learn to navigate underwater, find your way back to the boat, learn how to read a dive map, being able to know where you are underwater is great feeling and it will make you more confident while diving.
  • Choose the other 3 dives from: Night dive, Drift dive, Wreck dive, Underwater photography, Fish identification an more… There is a lot of choices, your instructor will advise you on which one to make.

After completion of the PADI Advanced Open Water course you be certified Advanced Open Water Diver and be able to dive to 30m maximum with a buddy. Your confidence and diving skills will grow a lot during this course.
All Open Water diver with more that 15 dives should upgrade to this course, you can as well do the course straight away after your Open Water course.

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Advanced Open Water Course Prerequisites:

To enroll in the Advanced Open Water Course you must:

  • Be 12 years old or older
  • Be PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent from another agency
  • Have completed the medical form and not have any medical problems

Advanced Open Water Course Prices:

All Included Price Promotion!
Theory + 5 Local Reef and wreck Dives 9900 THB
Theory + 3 Local Reef dives+ 2 Dives Similan or Koh Bon or Tachai
or Richelieu (add 300 THB)
13300 THB
Theory + 2 Local wreck dives+ 3 Dives Koh Bon + Tachai 16500 THB 15900 THB
Theory + 5 Dives Similan + Koh Bon + Tachai or Koh Bon + Tachai
+ Richelieu (add 300 THB)
17800 THB
AOW course with 2 days 1 nights (5 dives Similan) 17800 THB 16900 THB
AOW course with 2 days 1 nights (6 dives Similan) 18800 THB 17900 THB
AOW course with 2 days 1 nights (6 dives Tachai/Richelieu or Richelieu/Koh Bon) 19800 THB
On Liveaboard: Liveaboard price + 7800 THB
Private Instructor + 1500 THB/Day

Price all included, includes: Full set equipment + dive computer, lunch, taxi from Khao Lak, dive guide ratio 1 to 4 or 5, water, coffee, tea.
Not Included: dive insurance, Soft drinks.

Diving Schedule according to Location:

Example of Schedule related to the dive location you choose:

If you choose Advanced Open Water Course at Khao Lak local dives or Similan islands Daytrips :

  • Day 1: Dive 1, 2 Local Dives
  • Day 2: Dive 3, 4 & 5 Local Dives or Similan

If you choose Advanced Open Water Course during Liveaboard:

Exemple 1: During 2 days 1 nights liveaboard

  • Day 1 & 2: 6 Dives at the Similans on liveaboard, the theory and dives are done during the liveaboard

Exemple 2: During 4 days 4 nights liveaboard

  • in the evening of day 0: departure on the liveaboard
  • Day 1,2,3,4: 15 Dives on the liveaboard, the theory and dives are done during the liveaboard

FAQ: Diving Questions:

  • What to bring?
    Sun protection, Towel, Bathing suit, Camera, your dive equipment if you have any.
  • Am I going to miss some dives during the liveaboard?
    You will do the same dives as a normal liveaboard, except that 5 of the dives will have a part of theory and little part of practice. The practice part is not huge so it s more or less a fun dive with a few skills, you will not miss anything, you will see even more being able to go down to 30m.
  • Can I fly after diving?
    You need to wait 24h before taking flying.
  • Can I dive if I have Asthma?
    Sorry, we do not take divers with Asthma.
  • Can I dive if I have a medical problem?
    You will need to fill a medical form, and get a medical certificate which allow you to dive if you have any medical problems.
  • Can my kid do the course?
    If he is more than 12 years old he can do the junior Advanced course, the depth limitation will be 20 m. After 15 year old the depth limitation is 30m.
We had an amazing time during our 2 days 1 nights advanced course with Khao Lak Explorer. Staying overnight was the best choice, we had plenty of time to relax and the night dive was just amazing. Thumbs up to the crew and staff onboard.
Thanks you Khao Lak Explorer for this unforgettable moment !

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