Marine Conservation Thailand

At Khao Lak Explorer, we LOVE nature and do everything we can do give back to the environment.

Eco Friendly Dive Center

PADI Online E-Manual, No Paper Book, We Love & Save the Trees !

Eco-biodegradable water bottle: Our programs consist on giving you a total Eco-friendly water bottle we desegregate in 80 days and made only of plants.
You can then refill it for free at our office, or other places. If you bring back the bottle we will send it to the recycling factory.

We participate in different programs put in place in Thailand:

Green Fins Thailand:

Shark Guardians:

Spot the Leopard Shark:

Project Aware:

Whale Shark Identification:

Reef Check

Recycling Program:

Green Explorer Card: at the end of certification

clean ups good. Promote sustainability too – water bottles, reef friendly sunscreen, minimal water use

Maybe a dive shop t-shirt with a green aspect to the design e.g. environmental clean up crew – year and then your dive shop logo on t-shirt reverse.

Promote other Eco businesses in your shop.

Coral Nurcery
Reef clean Up
Beach Clean up
Reef Check
Marine species re-introduction *(check with marin park and turtle farm)



Marine Conservation Thailand Project is an initiative from Khao Lak Explorer to unite all ECO friendly dive centers or any agency in Thailand to make an effort to develop action plans to help preserve local reefs and promote sustainable tourism in the coastal area of Thailand.

By putting all our effort together we can do more and see real action taking place in different areas.

Objectives of MCTP:

- Unite all Marine Conservation agencies of Thailand and share knowledge, experience, human resources and contact between agencies.

- Inform and teach both tourists and the locals about how to respect our ocean and be Eco-friendly.

- Create artificial reefs in different areas, such as wrecks and coral nurseries.

- Investigate dive centers and dive operators by sending an inspector on the boat and give certificate of "ECO Dive Center" or "Eco Dive Boat" to participant who deserves it.

- Recruit volunteers and organize Eco Actions in different areas, such as Beach and Underwater Clean Ups.

- Get noticed, to be able to accomplish all these actions with the help of other organizations.

All Dive Centers and tourism related business are welcome to join us. It is free and all you have to do is contact us and post a link of our website on your Home Page.

Affiliated Dive Centers Will be asked to:
- Participate in meeting (send a representative)

- Participate in local actions (send representative like a couple of dive masters for underwater clean up for example.)

- Participate in surveying in different areas.

DONATION is how the project will be financed. You can donate as much as you want by transfer money or participate in our ECO Activities. Please contact us directly for more information.

Imagine that by giving a little, you can help us make proper actions to help our ocean and sustain the reefs for the next generations to come.