Manta Queen 5 North Andaman – Koh Bon – Koh Tachai – Richelieu Rock – Local Wrecks 3D/3N | 11 Dives

3 Days 3 Nights

Manta Queen 5

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with the Manta Queen 5, setting sail on 3–4-night expeditions every week from October to May. Navigating the enchanting waters of the North Andaman Sea region, this 23m vessel accommodates 20 guests in 10 twin bunk cabins, each equipped with air conditioning, and facilitates shared bathroom facilities with 3 restrooms. Delight in moments of relaxation between immersive dives and invigorating snorkeling sessions, either in the inviting open-air dining area or atop the panoramic rooftop sun deck.

Indulge your palate with delectable buffet-style meals prepared by the skilled onboard chef. In between dives, treat yourself to snacks, fresh fruits, and unlimited drinking water, tea, and coffee throughout the day. With a dedicated team of five dive professionals and six experienced boat crew members, your journey is bound to be seamless and memorable.

Discover the breathtaking underwater wonders of the North Andaman’s famed dive sites, including Koh Bon – Koh Tachai – Richelieu Rock – Khao Lak Local Wrecks. Marvel at the diverse marine life that inhabits these waters, from the graceful Black Tip Reef sharks to the majestic Leopard sharks. Certified divers can also take advantage of the available Nitrox for enhanced underwater exploration.

Embarking from Khao Lak (Pick up Phuket possible by van), a voyage aboard the Manta Queen 5 for either a 3 or 4-night escapade is the ultimate way to capture the essence of Thailand’s captivating maritime landscape within a compact timeframe.

DurationNumber of DivesGuestNitroxPADI Courses
3 days/3 Nights1122AvailableAvailable

Season 2024-2025 Departure Dates

Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu16-Oct-2419-Oct-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu23-Oct-2426-Oct-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu26-Oct-2429-Oct-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu30-Oct-242-Nov-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu02-Nov-245-Nov-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu06-Nov-249-Nov-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu09-Nov-2412-Nov-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu13-Nov-2416-Nov-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu16-Nov-2419-Nov-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu20-Nov-2423-Nov-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu23-Nov-2426-Nov-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu27-Nov-2430-Nov-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu30-Nov-243-Dec-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu04-Dec-247-Dec-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu07-Dec-2410-Dec-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu11-Dec-2414-Dec-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu14-Dec-2417-Dec-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu18-Dec-2421-Dec-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu21-Dec-2424-Dec-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu25-Dec-2428-Dec-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu28-Dec-2431-Dec-243 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu01-Jan-254-Jan-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu04-Jan-257-Jan-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu08-Jan-2511-Jan-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu11-Jan-2514-Jan-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu15-Jan-2518-Jan-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu18-Jan-2521-Jan-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu22-Jan-2525-Jan-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu25-Jan-2528-Jan-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu29-Jan-251-Feb-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu01-Feb-254-Feb-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu05-Feb-258-Feb-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu08-Feb-2511-Feb-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu12-Feb-2515-Feb-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu15-Feb-2518-Feb-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu19-Feb-2522-Feb-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu22-Feb-2525-Feb-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu26-Feb-251-Mar-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu01-Mar-254-Mar-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu05-Mar-258-Mar-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu08-Mar-2511-Mar-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu12-Mar-2515-Mar-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu15-Mar-2518-Mar-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu19-Mar-2522-Mar-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu22-Mar-2525-Mar-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu26-Mar-2529-Mar-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu29-Mar-251-Apr-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu02-Apr-255-Apr-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu05-Apr-258-Apr-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu09-Apr-2512-Apr-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu12-Apr-2515-Apr-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu16-Apr-2519-Apr-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu19-Apr-2522-Apr-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu23-Apr-2526-Apr-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu26-Apr-2529-Apr-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu30-Apr-253-May-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu03-May-256-May-253 Days/3 Nights
Koh Bon-Tachai-Richelieu07-May-2510-May-253 Days/3 Nights

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Early Bird Offer 20% Off on bookings made before 1 September 2024, offer valid for departure dates between 15 October and 15th May.

Cabin TypePrice/PersonPark FeeEquipmentAll included Price/Person
Twin Bunk Cabin22,000฿2,300฿1,500฿25,800฿
PADI CoursesOn Request
SnorkelersOn Request

Price all included, includes: All food on-board, taxi from Khao Lak, dive guide, water, coffee, tea
Not Included: Soft drinks, alcohol, dive insurance.


Cabins11 X Twin Bed Cabin
W.C3 Share toilet and shower
DecksSun Deck, Shaded Areas, Shaded Dining Area
FoodThai, Western, Vegetarian on request
Towels1 towels person
CrewDive Guide, Cook, Engineer, Capitain, Boat Boys, Cleaner
Dive Guide Ratio1 Dive Guide for 4 to 5 divers
Camera BucketYes
Voltage220V, plug in each cabins
EntertainmentSaloon with TV, DVD, Music, Books
SafetyOxygene, first aid kit, EFR trained Staff, Satelite phone, GPS, Life raft, Dingy, Life Jacket, Flares, Depth Sounder, Compass, Radio