Deep Andaman Queen Liveaboard

7 Days 7 Nights, 4 Days 4 Nights

MV Deep Andaman Queen

MV Deep Andaman Queen is a brand new liveaboard built in 2012, all the cabin onboard are air conditioned with private bathroom.
You can find a wide variety of cabins from quad, triple, twin share located on the lower deck.
On the main deck you can find the Deluxe Double bed ,Twin beds cabins and the Master cabin with the best panoramic ocean view.

Nitrox available onboard, the MV Deep Andaman Queen offer on of the best service possible.
The large dive platforms consists of a very wide and spacious kitting-up area on two levels, a separate entry/exit platform, 2 exit ladders and 2 fresh water showers to rinse yourself or your equipment. 2 large buckets with fresh water can be found on the dive platform for rinsing cameras, dive computers and torches.

This liveaboard is one of the most luxurious and comfortable around.

The international crew, will ensure that you have at least 1 staff who speak your language.
This is the perfect liveaboard experience with full comfort.

DurationNumber of DivesGuestNitroxPADI Courses
3 days/3 Nights
4 days/4 Nights
5 days/5 Nights

Season 2023-2024 Departure Dates

Southern/Lipe13-Oct-2317-Oct-234 Days/4 Nights
Southern/Lipe19-Oct-2323-Oct-234 Days/4 Nights
Southern/Lipe24-Oct-2328-Oct-234 Days/4 Nights
HD/HM/Racha/PP29-Oct-2301-Nov-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans02-Nov-2306-Nov-234 Days/4 Nights
Similans07-Nov-2311-Nov-234 Days/4 Nights
Similans12-Nov-2315-Nov-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans16-Nov-2319-Nov-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans20-Nov-2325-Nov-235 Days/5 Nights
Similans26-Nov-2330-Nov-234 Days/4 Nights
Similans01-Dec-2305-Dec-234 Days/4 Nights
Similans06-Dec-2310-Dec-234 Days/4 Nights
Similans11-Dec-2315-Dec-234 Days/4 Nights
Similans16-Dec-2320-Dec-234 Days/4 Nights
Similans21-Dec-2326-Dec-235 Days/5 Nights
Similans27-Dec-2301-Jan-245 Days/5 Nights
Similans02-Jan-2406-Jan-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans07-Jan-2411-Jan-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans12-Jan-2416-Jan-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans17-Jan-2421-Jan-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans22-Jan-2426-Jan-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans27-Jan-2431-Jan-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans01-Feb-2405-Feb-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans06-Feb-2409-Feb-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans10-Feb-2415-Feb-245 Days/5 Nights
Similans16-Feb-2420-Feb-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans22-Feb-2426-Feb-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans29-Feb-2404-Mar-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans05-Mar-2409-Mar-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans10-Mar-2414-Mar-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans12-Mar-2416-Mar-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans17-Mar-2420-Mar-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans21-Mar-2425-Mar-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans26-Mar-2430-Mar-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans31-Mar-2404-Apr-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans05-Apr-2409-Apr-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans10-Apr-2414-Apr-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans15-Apr-2419-Apr-244 Days/4 Nights
HD/HM/Racha/PP20-Apr-2424-Apr-244 Days/4 Nights
HD/HM/Racha/PP25-Apr-2429-Apr-244 Days/4 Nights
HD/HM/Racha/PP30-Apr-2404-May-244 Days/4 Nights
HD/HM/Racha/PP05-May-2409-May-244 Days/4 Nights
HD/HM/Racha/PP10-May-2414-May-244 Days/4 Nights
Racha Phi Phi15-May-2418-May-243 Days/3 Nights
HD/HM/Racha/PP19-May-2422-May-243 Days/3 Nights
Racha Phi Phi23-May-2426-May-243 Days/3 Nights
HD/HM/Racha/PP28-May-2431-May-243 Days/3 Nights

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Price all included, includes: All food on-board, taxi from Khao Lak or Phuket, dive guide, water, coffee, tea
Not Included: Soft drinks, alcohol, dive insurance.

Onboar Facilities

CabinsAll cabins are ensuite: 1 Master cabin, 5 Deluxe cabins, 1 Standard Quad cabin,1 Standard Triple cabin,1 Standard Twin cabin /td>
W.C3 Share toilet and shower, all cabin are ensuite
DecksSun Deck, Shaded Areas, Shaded Dining Area
FoodThai, Western, Vegetarian on request
Towels1 beach towels
CrewDive Guide, Cook, Engineer, Capitain, Boat Boys, Cleaner
Dive Guide Ratio1 Dive Guide for 4 to 5 divers
Camera BucketYes
Voltage220V, plug in each cabins
EntertainmentSaloon with TV, DVD, Music, Books
SafetyOxygene, first aid kit, EFR trained Staff, Satelite phone, GPS, Life raft, Dingy, Life Jacket, Flares, Depth Sounder, Compass, Radio