Khao Sok Lake Diving | Dive Cheow Lan Lake

Khao Sok Lake Diving

No Longer Possible

Diving at Cheow Lan Lake is an amazing experience specially combine with the sightseeing tours we provide.

The huge Cheow Lan Lake attract a lot of wildlife.

Khao Sok Lake Dive

The trip start from Khao Lak for 2 Days 1 Night you will alternate some of the best jungle activities in Thailand with one dive a day over the days. the atmosphere of lake diving at Khao Sok is fabulous with green water and underwater trees, limestone wall with cave entrance and huge cat fish swimming around.

If you never experience fresh water dive it s definitely a great experience surrounded by the rain forest and an amazing view.

Cheow Lan Lake Khao Sok Diving

The area is stunning away from mass tourism and worth the trip just for the scenery.
Khao Sok Lake Diving