Khao Lak Weather Forecast

Please do not look at the random weather forecast about Khao Lak you can find online, most off them will show you everyday the same, which is a cloud, a sun and 3 drops of rain, these weather forecast are not accurate. It’s very hard to predict weather under the tropical condition, as weather conditions can change quickly and through the day.

Khao Lak Weather Forecast

Here is some of the accurate Khao Lak weather forecast we rely on, they are a bit more difficult to read but give you better information
You can see the humidity, cloud cover, wave high and direction, wind, rain more. All these information are very interesting if you want to go on the sea or inland for an excursion with us.

Khao Lak Diving Seasons and Weather

So What weather can you expect in Khao Lak?
It all depends in which season you are coming. Khao Lak weather is tropical and has 2 main seasons, the dry season (hot an dry season) and the monsoon season (cooler and wet season).

Dry Season in Khao Lak

Khao Lak dry season is from October to Jun, with Jun and October being transitional month, the real dry season is November to May.
The weather is hot and get really hot from January to May, almost no rain, and every year drought from January to March with clear blue sky.
The is the pick touristic season in Khao Lak, perfect time for scuba diving, land tours, flat sea and blue sky. Temperature are around 30 degree average.
During the dry season 2-3 days storms can happen, with very strong wind and rain, it s not very often so.

Wet Monsoon Season in Khao Lak

Khao Lak wet season if from end of June to October, June can be very nice and October has well being transitional month, from July to September quite a lot of rain, sometimes raining for days but Khao Lak gets has well nice weather during this time with intermittent shower.
Tourist still comes due to the fact that hotel makes some very cheap deals, land tours are still available but forget any water activity, the sea is a bit rough and the Similan marine park closed.
You can get a week of nice weather or a week of rain, it s a bit a of gamble.
The wet season is due to the monsoon wind coming from the Africa, blowing west on the Andaman coast, the wind is full of humidity from the ocean and clouds cools down when they meet the mainland and rain happen.

Why Thailand has season?

East coast and west coast of Thailand has opposite seasons, the seasonal changes are due to the wind blowing from the sea or from the coast. When the wind is from east it brings rains to the East coast, the West coast being protected by Thailand mainland.
When the wind blow West it brings rains to the west coast and the Est coast is protected.

Average Humidity Khao Lak
Average Humidity Khao Lak
Average Sunshine Khao LakAverage Sunshine Khao Lak
Average Rain-day Khao Lak
Average Rainday Khao Lak
Average Temperature Khao LakAverage Temperature Khao Lak
Average Water Temperature Khao Lak
Average Water Temperature Khao Lak

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Khao Lak Weather Forcast

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Khao Lak Weather Forecast
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