Khao Lak Waterfalls

Best Waterfalls near Khao Lak

Khao Lak is surrounded by beautiful mountain and country side. There is a lots a waterfalls around, and the best time of the year to visit them is between July to December. That’s when the waterfall will be the biggest due to rain falls.
During the dry Season November to May, the waterfalls can become a lot smaller depending on the year, the more you go towards May the less water, so of them even dry up when there is drought.

Most of the waterfalls are inside national parks like Lam Ru National Park or Khao Sok or other smaller national park, entry fees are between 100 to 200 THB.
Most of them are accessible after a short trekking in the jungle, make sure to bring water, closed shoes and insect repellent.
The waterfalls are open to public between 08:00 – 16:30 for most of them.
It’s quite hot during the day in Thailand, so the best time to go is in the morning.

Please keep the place clear and trash free, respect the beautiful country of Thailand and leave it as it was when you arrive or even cleaner.

Some waterfalls are popular with Thai families, be aware then in Thailand, Thai people are very polite and conservative, they do not expose their bodies like the some of the rest of the world. they go swimming with full close on, T-shirt, short and so on. Be respectful of the culture and don’t wear a too provocative bikini…

Khao Lak Waterfalls Map

Find below the map of waterfalls around Khao Lak, you can use in your phone for directions, all accessible by car or motorbike.

Ton Chong Fa Waterfall

Chong Fa Waterfall Chong Fa waterfall is located 7 km from the Bang Niang main road, you can find a road sign for the turn opposite the night club Zantika.
The road goes for 7 km in the mountain, be aware of pot holes, arriving at the entrance there is small car park and the national park entrance hut.
The track leading to the waterfall is steep, on the side of the track you can find small pool of water, great to deep your foots in and get a free cleaner fish foot bath (tickles a bit). At the top the track you will arrive to main pool, where you can swim then a side walk/climb lead you to more pools, it’s a five-level waterfall.
Nice place to spend a morning.

Sai Rung Waterfall (aka Pakweep)

Sai Rung Waterfall The Sai rung waterfall (rainbow waterfall) is admission free and the most easily accessible of all the waterfalls.
Located about 10 km north of bang Niang, there is a right turn just pass “Le Meridien” hotel, then another right turn.
You can park and a 1 minute walk leads you to the waterfall. great for picnic and get a refreshing swim.
If you joins our Khao Lak elephant trekking we will take you to this waterfall.

Lampi Waterfall

Lampi Waterfall Lampi waterfall is very popular waterfall for Thai family to go for a swim in the week end. The waterfall is located 30 minutes south of Khao Lak little bit before Thai Mueang village. (The Thai Mueang turtle farm is also nearby).
The three-level waterfall is part of the Khao Lam Pi – Hat Thai Mueang National Park.
The main pool is directly accessible from the car park with a short walk.
Great for swimming, the main pool is wide and deep, perfect for swimming around.
Nearby you can also go sea Thai Mueang beach which have nice restaurants along the beach. (the beach drops quickly deep so be aware if you go for a swim)

Ton Prai Waterfall

 Ton Prai Waterfall The Ton Prai waterfall is located about 40 minutes south of Khao Lak.
There is small car park before the track, then after a 700 m trek through the jungle you will reach the waterfall. The trek is better during the dry season and dry days, signage indicating directions exist but not as clear as what European are used to.
Not the most popular waterfall, so if you are seeking quietness, that’s a nice one to do.

These are the main waterfalls around Khao Lak area, there is more further toward the Sri Phang-nga and Khao Sok national park, but not as easily accessible by yourself.

Enjoy your waterfalls swims.