Khao Lak Restaurants | Where to eat in Khao Lak?

Where are the beast Restaurants in Khao Lak

Best places to eat and have lunch and dinner in Khao Lak:
khao lak restaurant
There is many places in the center of Khao Lak for lunch or diner , let start by the classic Thai Food if you want to stay in the center:

Go Pong: Located in the center of Town next to the mini-mart, Go Pong is cheap and have a great pork stew and other Thai Dish.

DeeDee Restaurant: Located at the end of Khao Lak next to the police box, this little Thai restaurant offer classic Thai dish at low prices.

Orchid Cafe: Near the Sand at the northern tip of Khao Lak, this restaurant is one of the best cheap traditional Thai food located in town, the owners are very nice and the food is at local price even as it s located in the center.

There is a lot of other great restaurant in town but these are our favorite and recommendation.

If you want more upper-class restaurant, try this one:
Definitely one of the Best restaurant in Khao Lak, located at the north tip of Khao Lak, with a nice garden and sitting bar area, the restaurant is very well decorated with good Romantic and friendly atmosphere. You will get a warm welcome from the Thai owner who will do everything to make your dinner the more enjoyable. The food is delicious,a good selection of fish and sea food. If you are looking at eating well prepared Thai dish or European food, this is the place, the prices are bit expensive and they have a wide selection of wine!!!

If you are looking for real local restaurant away from the tourist

We don’t indicate those online, as those are our favorites and we like them not too crowded. If you are one of our customer diving, snorkeling or taking tours with, don’t hesitate to ask and we will give you the good spot to experience real Thai food and local atmosphere.