Khao Lak Markets and Bang Niang Market

Street Food Markets in Khao Lak

Khao Lak have multiple market places, all unique in their own way.
Find below our Khao Lak market guide.

Bang Niang Market

Khao Lak market Bang Niang market is the oldest tourist market around, located opposite the “Tsunami Boat” and “Tsunami Memorial” in Bang Niang.
This market is one of the largest and is held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
You can find street food, fried chicken, cloth, souvenirs, fruits, fish, vegetable and more.
You can try the sugarcane juice and a fresh coconut drinks and Thai desert.
If you are adventurous, you have crickets and scorpions… not for me.
A couple of market bar and restaurants are around as well, it s a nice place to spend the afternoon.
The market stands opens at the beginning of the afternoon until around 20:00 or past.
You can also go visit the tsunami museum and memorial at the same time.

Khu Khak Market

fruit market khao lak Khu Khak market is a food market, held from early morning to 12:00, that’s where local people and restaurant buy their meat, fish, vegetable. You can see a real Thai market place, that also where we buy our food 😉
The market is next to Khao Lak Bus station in Khu Khak.

“The Build” Market

Why “The Build” market? Well, this market is quite recent, opened in 2015, near to the night club “The Build”, so people call it the build market…easy right!
Similar to Bang Niang market, you can find, food stands, drinks, cloth, fruits and take away food. A couple of permanent coffee shops recently opened around it.
Smart move, the market is held on any other days of the Bang Niang market.
So Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Now everyday you can go to a different market in Kha Lak. It quickly became a popular market for locals.

insect food marketKhao Lak Street market

Takua Pa Market

Thai spices market bang niang Takua Pa is the district city of Khao Lak area, about 30 km north of Khao Lak, their is a market every Sunday in the old town during high season.
There is also a more common market at the main bus station.

Night Market

Khao Lak have a randomly held night market, after 10 years in Khao Lak, we still haven’t figured out when or why the night market opens randomly.
Sometimes it’s held between Bang Niang and Khao Lak along the main road, opposite the famous local bar “Mars Bar”. Some other times it’s held near the tsunami boat.
This night market is more like a mix or market plus attraction for kids and sometimes a little concert. That’s very local style.

That’s about it, if you have any questions about markets in Khao Lak and the area, feel free to contact us.