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Khao Lak Best Hotels

Khao Lak hotel

are some of the nicest in Thailand, the resorts and hotel near the beach offers a beautiful view on the ocean. The great thing about Thailand is that for the price of a cheap hotel in Europe you get some 5 Stars hotels in Thailand.
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Khao Lak has a few different beach areas where hotels are located:

From south to Nord:

  • Merlin beach area: Merlin beach area hold some nice resort and a very nice beach on the other side of the mountain of Khao Lak center. About 8 km away from the center, the area is near the main pier (Taplamu) which deserve the Similan islands.
  • NangThong Beach Area: NangThong beach is the main beach in Khao Lak center, lot of nice resort and smaller one here, if you want to be close to all the restaurant and shopping streets that is the place to be.
  • Bang-Niang Beach Area: Bang-Niang village is about 4 km north of Khao Lak, and have a shopping street going to the beach, you can find has well Bang-Niang Market and the Tsunami memorial and museum.
  • Khukkak Area: 10 Km North of Khao Lak Center, nice quiet beach near the small traditional Khukkak village, the local market for vegetable, meet, spices is there every morning.
  • Pakarang Beach Area: Very nice beach 15 km North of Khao Lak, it s start to be a bit far from the center but nice for relaxing and taxi deserve the area. Surfing possible in Pakarang beach when waves are there.
    Hotels in the area: Ao Thong Beach Bungalows; Apsaras Beachfront Resort & Villa; BWP Khao Lak Southsea Hotel; Kantary beach Villa & Suites; Katiliya Pool Villas Khao Lak; Memories Bar & Restaurant; Pakarang Villa; Palm Galleria; Takolaburi Cultural & Spa Resort; Teh Sarojin; White Sand Beach Resort.
  • Pakweep Beach & White sand beach: Nice and quiet, beautifull bay.
    Hotels in the area: Beyond resort Khao Lak, Le Meridien beach adn spa resort; Mai Khao Lak Beach resort.
  • Bangsak Beach Area: Some massive resort in Bangsak, nice beach restaurants and some of the nicest and luxury resorts around.
    Hotels in the area: Bangsak village; Haadson Resort; Sentido Graceland resort and spa.

After Bangsak there is only traditional Thai village and city.
Koh Koh Khao islands have a few resort, bu be aware that you will have to cross the river by boat to be able to on the mainland, Koh Koh Khao is very remote island.

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