Hot springs Khao Lak

There is a few Hot Spring in Khao Lak Area, you can find hot spring at Kapong, Thai Muang and
These hot springs get natural water coming from underground in natural pool or man made pool around a temperature of 65°C. We recommend you to go in the evening or during a cloudy cool day, has soaking in hot water under the sun is less enjoyable.
Hot Springs in Khao Lak are great to spend a relaxing day.

Hot Springs in Khao Lak Area

Kapong Hot Springs

Kapong is located on route 3090, you drive pass the springs if you visit Lam Ru and Hin Lad waterfalls in Khaolak Lamru national park. You can spend half a day visiting this area. Lamru is great for trekking as well.
Rommanee Hot Springs in Khao Lak

Ban Bo Dan springs

Ban Bo Dan springs are south of Thai Muang city about 30 minutes south of Khao Lak, 3 km of the main road, the natural spring water is high in mineral content, calcium, sodium, potassium sulfate and various iodides and chlorides, which are great for pain relief and skin treatment making your skin healthier.
Popular int eh week end for Thai families, relieving stress, promoting skin care and helping with arthritis.
You can soak in the hot bath for hours, have a nice family time.
Open for bathing and soaking daily between 08:00 to 22:00; the service costs just 500 THB.
Khao Lak Hot Springs

Rommanee hot springs

Rommanee hot springs in located about 40 km north of Khao Lak, the springs is open from 08:00 to 19:30. Rommanee hot spring received a budget from Phang-nga province of 5 000 000 THB in 2010 to improve the surrounding infrastructure. Rommannee community has build, modern buildings and the money was used to help with electricity and running cost of the spring, cleaning etc…
Popular with Thai families to spend time together and get healthier.

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What is an hot spring?

Coming from underground, the water has been warmed up from geothermal activity. The water pass trough different layer of rocks and grounds and is super-charged with dissolved minerals.

The deeper the water comes from, the hotter the springs get. The healing properties comes from the minerals dissolved in the water.

Bathing in hot springs Khao Lak has many health benefit like:

By increasing the body temperature it kills germs and viruses, increase metabolism with stimulate the organs and digestion.

Repeated hot springs Khao Lak bathing helps regulators glands and hormones level. The endocrine glands function benefits as well with relaxing and improving nervous system.
Minerals traces such as sulfur, carbon dioxide, calcium, magnesium, and lithium are absorbed by the body which stimulate the immune system and heals organs. Physical and metal relaxation with the production of endorphin by the body.
Negative Ions help improve mood.

All the benefits of hot springs includes: Lower Blood Pressure, Better Sleep, Improve Joint Mobility, Eliminate Toxins, Healing, Relaxing, Improve Immune System and Mood.

What are you waiting for! Go soak yourself in Khao Lak Hot Spring during your holidays.