MV Bavaria Liveaboard | 3, 4 or 7 Days Liveaboard

6 Days 6 Nights, 7 jours 7 nuits

Launched in 2016 and specially designed by divers for divers, the MV Bavaria offers short, medium & longer liveaboard trips to Thailands best dives sites (Similan Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock and Surin Islands) as well as Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago (Burma).

MV Bavaria Liveaboard

All trips into Burma are for six days & nights, with 22 dives and for diving trips in Thailand, the MV Bavaria operates for six days & nights, but guests can choose to stay for the full duration or just join for the first part (3D/3N with 10 dives) or the second part (4D/3N with 13 dives) using speedboat transfers.
The maximum amount of guests onboard is 24 and there is a choice of 2 standard cabins on the upper deck with shared toilet, 6 Comfort ensuite twin cabins on the main deck, 2 Comfort ensuite cabins with double bed and 2 Deluxe ensuite cabins with large double bed on the main deck, all cabin types come with air-condition as standard. An indoor salon with entertainment system, outdoor lounge / dining area and large sundeck ensure there are plenty of social areas to hang out during surface intervals.
Nitrox is available onboard for an additional cost and diving groups are kept small with 4-6 per dive guide.

DurationNumber of DivesGuestNitroxPADI Courses
3 days/3 Nights1024AvailableAvailable
4 days/4 Nights1324AvailableAvailable
7 days/7 Nights2224AvailableAvailable

Season 2023-2024 Departure Dates:

Similans14-Oct-2317-Oct-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans18-Oct-2321-Oct-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin18-Oct-2324-Oct-236 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin21-Oct-2324-Oct-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans25-Oct-2328-Oct-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin25-Oct-2331-Oct-236 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin28-Oct-2331-Oct-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans01-Nov-2304-Nov-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin01-Nov-2307-Nov-236 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin04-Nov-2307-Nov-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans08-Nov-2311-Nov-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin08-Nov-2314-Nov-236 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin11-Nov-2314-Nov-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans15-Nov-2318-Nov-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin15-Nov-2321-Nov-236 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin18-Nov-2321-Nov-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans22-Nov-2325-Nov-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin22-Nov-2328-Nov-236 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin25-Nov-2328-Nov-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans29-Nov-2302-Dec-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin29-Nov-2305-Dec-236 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin02-Dec-2305-Dec-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans06-Dec-2309-Dec-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin06-Dec-2312-Dec-236 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin09-Dec-2312-Dec-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans13-Dec-2316-Dec-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin13-Dec-2319-Dec-236 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin16-Dec-2319-Dec-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans20-Dec-2323-Dec-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin20-Dec-2326-Dec-236 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin23-Dec-2326-Dec-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans27-Dec-2330-Dec-233 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin27-Dec-2302-Jan-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin30-Dec-2302-Jan-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans03-Jan-2406-Jan-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin03-Jan-2409-Jan-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin06-Jan-2409-Jan-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans10-Jan-2413-Jan-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin10-Jan-2416-Jan-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin13-Jan-2416-Jan-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans17-Jan-2420-Jan-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin17-Jan-2423-Jan-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin20-Jan-2423-Jan-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin/South Andaman24-Jan-2403-Feb-2410 Days/10 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin24-Jan-2430-Jan-246 Days/6 Nights
South Andaman30-Jan-2403-Feb-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin/South Andaman04-Feb-2414-Feb-2410 Days/10 Nights
South Andaman04-Feb-2408-Feb-244 Days/4 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin08-Feb-2414-Feb-246 Days/6 Nights
Similans14-Feb-2417-Feb-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin14-Feb-2420-Feb-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin17-Feb-2420-Feb-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans21-Feb-2424-Feb-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin21-Feb-2427-Feb-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin24-Feb-2427-Feb-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans28-Feb-2402-Mar-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin28-Feb-2405-Mar-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin02-Mar-2405-Mar-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans06-Mar-2409-Mar-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin06-Mar-2412-Mar-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin09-Mar-2412-Mar-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans13-Mar-2416-Mar-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin13-Mar-2419-Mar-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin16-Mar-2419-Mar-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans20-Mar-2423-Mar-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin20-Mar-2426-Mar-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin23-Mar-2426-Mar-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans27-Mar-2430-Mar-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin27-Mar-2402-Apr-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin30-Mar-2402-Apr-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans03-Apr-2406-Apr-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin03-Apr-2409-Apr-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin06-Apr-2409-Apr-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans10-Apr-2413-Apr-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin10-Apr-2416-Apr-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin13-Apr-2416-Apr-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans17-Apr-2420-Apr-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin17-Apr-2423-Apr-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin20-Apr-2423-Apr-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans24-Apr-2427-Apr-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin24-Apr-2430-Apr-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin27-Apr-2430-Apr-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans01-May-2404-May-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin01-May-2407-May-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin04-May-2407-May-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans08-May-2411-May-243 Days/3 Nights
Similans/Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin08-May-2414-May-246 Days/6 Nights
Bon/Tachai/RR/Surin11-May-2414-May-243 Days/3 Nights

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DurationDiverPark FeeGearAll Included
3 Days 3 Nights
Standard Twin Cabin (upper deck245001100150027100 THB
Comfort Double Cabin (lower deck)259001100150028500 THB
Comfort Twin Cabin (main deck)269001100150029500 THB
Deluxe Double Cabin (main deck)295001100150032100 THB
4 Days 3 NightsDiverPark FeeGearAll Included
Standard Twin Cabin (upper deck325002300200036800 THB
Comfort Double Cabin (lower deck)349002300200039200 THB
Comfort Twin Cabin (main deck)355002300200039800 THB
Deluxe Double Cabin (main deck)385002300200042800 THB
6 Days 6 NightsDiverPark FeeGearAll Included
Standard Twin Cabin (upper deck465002700300052200 THB
Comfort Double Cabin (lower deck)489002700300054600 THB
Comfort Twin Cabin (main deck)509002700300056600 THB
Deluxe Double Cabin (main deck)555002700300061200 THB
Children (Under 10)-30%
Single use
Standard Twin Cabin (upper deck+100%
Comfort Double Cabin (lower deck)+25%
Comfort Twin Cabin (main deck)+50%
Deluxe Double Cabin (main deck)+100%

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Onboard Facilities:

• 2 Deluxe Cabins with double bed, shower and toilet on the main deck
• 6 Comfort Cabins with twin beds, shower and toilet on the main deck
• 2 Comfort Cabins with double bed, shower and toilet on the lower deck
• 2 Standard Cabins, shared shower and toilet
• all cabins have individual aircondition
• 2 additional separate shower and toilets
• 2 Bauer compressors
• spacious dive platform and equipment area
• Salon with TV, DVD and stereo system
• we offer Thai massage
• Free WiFi (where available)
• Nitrox Membran

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