MV Andaman | 3, 4 or 7 Days Liveaboard

7 jours 7 nuits, 4 jours 4 nuits

The MV Andaman will take you to all the best dive sites of the Andaman sea.
There is 2 itineraries:
-4 days 4 nights which covers the North part of the marine park Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock & the Surin Islands.
-3 days 3 nights which covers the Similan islands
You can also book it as a discounted combo for 7 days 7 nights to explore it all !

The 26m liveaboard, 5.5m wide is equiped with air-conditioned cabins which can accomodate 20 guest onboard, with a lunch area and sundeck.

This liveaboard is one of the great value, one of the cheapest of all for 4 days 4 nights.
Most liveaboards covers the sames dives, so if you are on the budget this is it!

DurationNumber of DivesGuestNitroxPADI Courses
3 days/3 Nights920AvailableAvailable
4 days/4 Nights1320AvailableAvailable
7 days/7 Nights2220AvailableAvailable

Choose your Month of departure below:

Season 2019-2020

October 2019 (Click to Open)

23 October27 October4 days/4 Nights
28 October01 November4 days/4 Nights

November 2019 (Click to Open)

2 November9 November7 days/7 Nights
2 November6 November4 days/4 Nights
6 November9 November3 days/3 Nights
6 November13 November7 days/7 Nights
9 November13 November4 days/4 Nights
14 November21 November7 days/7 Nights
14 November18 November4 days/4 Nights
18 November21 November3 days/3 Nights
18 November25 November7 days/7 Nights
21 November25 December4 days/4 Nights
26 November30 November7 days/7 Nights
26 November30 December4 days/4 Nights
30 November03 December3 days/3 Nights
30 November07 December7 days/7 Nights

December 2019 (Click to Open)

3 December7 December4 days/4 Nights
08 December15 December7 days/7 Nights
12 December15 December3 days/3 Nights
12 December19 December7 days/7 Nights
15 December19 December4 days/4 Nights
20 December24 December4 days/4 Nights
20 December27 December7 days/7 Nights
24 December27 December3 days/3 Nights
24 December31 December7 days/7 Nights
27 December31 December4 days/4 Nights

January 2020 (Click to Open)

02 January06 January4 days/4 Nights
02 January09 January7 days/7 Nights
06 January09 January3 days/3 Nights
06 January13 January7 days/7 Nights
09 January13 January4 days/4 Nights
14 January18 January4 days/4 Nights
14 January21 January7 days/7 Nights
18 January21 January3 days/3 Nights
18 January25 January7 days/7 Nights
26 January30 January4 days/4 Nights
26 January02 February7 days/7 Nights
30 January02 February3 days/3 Nights
30 January06 February7 days/7 Nights

February 2020 (Click to Open)

02 February06 February4 days/4 Nights
07 February11 February4 days/4 Nights
07 February14 February4 days/4 Nights
11 February14 February3 days/3 Nights
11 February18 February7 days/7 Nights
14 February18 February4 days/4 Nights
19 February23 February4 days/4 Nights
19 February26 February7 days/7 Nights
23 February26 February3 days/3 Nights
23 February01 March7 days/7 Nights
26 February01 March4 days/4 Nights

March 2020 (Click to Open)

02 March06 March4 days/4 Nights
02 March09 March7 days/7 Nights
6 March09 March3 days/3 Nights
6 March13 March7 days/7 Nights
09 March13 March4 days/4 Nights
14 March18 March4 days/4 Nights
14 March21 March7 days/7 Nights
18 March21 March3 days/3 Nights
18 March25 March7 days/7 Nights
26 March30 March4 days/4 Nights
26 March02 April7 days/7 Nights
30 March02 April3 days/3 Nights
30 March06 April7 days/7 Nights

April 2020 (Click to Open)

02 April06 April4 days/4 Nights
07 April11 April4 days/4 Nights
07 April14 April7 days/7 Nights
11 April14 April3 days/3 Nights
11 April18 April7 days/7 Nights
14 April18 April4 days/4 Nights
19 April23 April4 days/4 Nights
19 April26 April7 days/7 Nights
23 April26 April3 days/3 Nights
23 April30 April7 days/7 Nights
26 April30 April4 days/4 Nights

May 2020 (Click to Open)

01 May05 May4 days/4 Nights
01 April08 April7 days/7 Nights
05 May08 May3 days/3 Nights
05 May12 May7 days/7 Nights
08 May12 May4 days/4 Nights


Currency choice below:

WPCS 2.1.2

3 days / 3 nights 9 dives

Cabin TypePricePark FeeEquipmentAll included Price
6 Bed Cabin15,600฿1,800฿0฿17,400฿
Double Bed Cabin17,100฿1,800฿0฿18,900฿
Double bed Ensuite Cabin17,850฿1,800฿0฿19,650฿

4 days / 4 nights 13 dives

Cabin TypePricePark FeeEquipmentAll included Price
6 Bed Cabin19,600฿2,000฿0฿21,600฿
Double Bed Cabin21,600฿2,000฿0฿23,600฿
Double bed Ensuite Cabin22,600฿2,000฿0฿24,600฿
PADI CoursesOn Request
SnorkelersOn Request
Pick up from PhuketNO

7 days / 7 nights 22 dives

Cabin TypePricePark FeeEquipmentAll included Price
6 Bed Cabin29,920฿3,600฿0฿33,520฿
Double Bed Cabin33,420฿3,600฿0฿37,020฿
Double bed Ensuite Cabin35,170฿3,600฿0฿38,770฿
PADI CoursesOn Request
SnorkelersOn Request
Pick up from PhuketNO

Price all included, includes: All food on-board, dive guide, water, coffee, tea
Not Included: Soft drinks, alcohol, dive insurance, taxi from Khao Lak.


Cabins2 X Twin Bed Bunk, 6 Twin Ensuite, 4 Double bed Ensuite
W.C3 Share toilet and shower
DecksSun Deck, Shaded Areas, Shaded Dining Area
FoodThai, Western, Vegetarian on request
Towels1 towels person
CrewDive Guide, Cook, Engineer, Capitain, Boat Boys, Cleaner
Dive Guide Ratio1 Dive Guide for 4 to 5 divers
Camera BucketYes
Voltage220V, plug in each cabins
EntertainmentSaloon with TV, DVD, Music, Books
SafetyOxygene, first aid kit, EFR trained Staff, Satelite phone, GPS, Life raft, Dingy, Life Jacket, Flares, Depth Sounder, Compass, Radio