3 jours 3 nuits

Une croisière à prix abordable pour 3 jours et trois nuits pour passer directement au meilleur des Parcs nationaux Similan et Surin! Si vous manquez de temps pour tout voir, c’est probablement votre meilleure option. Des plongées à Koh Bon, Koh Tachai et Richelieu sauront vous offrir d’inoubliables moments, possiblement accompagné de mantas ou de requins-baleines si vous êtes chanceux! Un total de 11 plongées. Le bateau a une capacité totale de 20 passagers, et offre une nourriture fraîchement préparée sur le bateau et une atmosphère festive et agréable.

DuréePlongéesPlongeursNitroxCours PADI
3 Jours/3 Nuits1120DisponibleDisponible

Choose your Month of departure below:

Season 2018-2019

October 2018 (Click to Open)

27 October30 October3 days/3 Nights
31 October03 November3 days/3 Nights

November 2018 (Click to Open)

04 November07 November3 days/3 Nights
08 November11 November3 days/3 Nights
12 November15 November3 days/3 Nights
16 November19 November3 days/3 Nights
20 November23 November3 days/3 Nights
24 November27 November3 days/3 Nights
28 November01 December3 days/3 Nights

December 2018 (Click to Open)

02 December05 December3 days/3 Nights
06 December09 December3 days/3 Nights
10 December13 December3 days/3 Nights
14 December17 December3 days/3 Nights
18 December21 December3 days/3 Nights
22 December25 December3 days/3 Nights
26 December29 December3 days/3 Nights
30 December02 January3 days/3 Nights

January 2019 (Click to Open)

03 January06 January3 days/3 Nights
07 January10 January3 days/3 Nights
11 January14 January3 days/3 Nights
15 January18 January3 days/3 Nights
19 January22 January3 days/3 Nights
23 January26 January3 days/3 Nights
27 January30 January3 days/3 Nights
31 January03 February3 days/3 Nights

February 2019 (Click to Open)

04 February07 February3 days/3 Nights
08 February11 February3 days/3 Nights
12 February15 February3 days/3 Nights
16 February19 February3 days/3 Nights
20 February23 February3 days/3 Nights
24 February27 February3 days/3 Nights
28 February03 March3 days/3 Nights

March 2019 (Click to Open)

04 March07 March3 days/3 Nights
08 March11 March3 days/3 Nights
12 March15 March3 days/3 Nights
16 March19 March3 days/3 Nights
20 March23 March3 days/3 Nights
24 March27 March3 days/3 Nights
28 March31 March3 days/3 Nights

April 2019 (Click to Open)

01 April04 April3 days/3 Nights
05 April08 April3 days/3 Nights
09 April12 April3 days/3 Nights
13 April16 April3 days/3 Nights
17 April20 April3 days/3 Nights
21 April24 April3 days/3 Nights
25 April28 April3 days/3 Nights
29 April02 May3 days/3 Nights

May 2019 (Click to Open)

04 May07 May3 days/3 Nights
03 May06 May3 days/3 Nights
07 May10 May3 days/3 Nights
11 May14 May3 days/3 Nights

The liveaboard will cruise to Koh Bon (Manta Point), Koh Tachai (Virgin island), Richelieu Rock (Top dive site in Thailand) + Wrecks (Pratong & Boonsung).

Departure Day:!
Pick-up from Phuket and Khao Lak from 14:30-19:00,
depends on the area. Check-in dive center by 19:00-20:00 and
have dinner offer at the restaurant. After check-in process, transfer to pier by
20:30. Guests will get onboard, meet the crew and have
boat safety briefing, check equipment, check-in cabin,
and overnight cruise to Koh Bon. ! !

Day 1 (Click to Open)

Day 1:!
06:00 Wake up call, light breakfast, dive briefing!
07:00 1st dive (Koh Bon West Ridge) Max.60 mins!
08:15 Main Breakfast, then head to Isd.8 for beach time!
10:30 2nd dive (Koh Bon Pinnacle) Max.60 mins!
12:00 Lunch Buffet!
Afternoon – Relaxing time!
14:30 3rd dive (Koh Tachai Pinnacle) Max.60 mins!
15:45 Snacks and fresh fruits!
17:30 Sunset dive (Koh Tachai Pinnacle) Max.40 mins!
19:00 Delicious dinner buffet.

Day 2 (Click to Open)

Day 2:!
06:00 Wake up call, light breakfast, dive briefing!
07:00 5th dive (Koh Tachai Pinnacle) Max.60 mins!
08:15 Main Breakfast, then head to Isd.8 for beach time!
10:30 6th dive (Richelieu Rock) Max.60 mins!
11:45 Lunch Buffet!
Afternoon – Relaxing time!
14:30 7th dive (Richelieu Rock) Max.60 mins!
15:45 Snacks and fresh fruits!
17:30 Sunset dive (Richelieu Rock) Max.40 mins!
19:00 Delicious dinner buffet.

Day 3 (Click to Open)

Day 3:!
06:00 Wake up call, light breakfast !
07:00 13th dive (Koh Pratong Wreck or Koh Bon) Max.60 mins!
08:15 Main Breakfast!
10:30 14th dive (Boonsung Wreck or Pratong) Max.60 mins!
11:45 Lunch Buffet!
Noon – Packing time!
14:00 15th Dive Local Wreck
16:30 Arrive Thaplamu Pier!
17:00 Arrive dive center and transfer back to hotel

* Dive sites and schedule may change due to
weather conditions *

What to bring for the trip: (have a look at FAQ page)
– Swim wear and personal belongings!
– Sun protection!
– Dive certification card!
– Small amount

Cabin TypePrice/PersonPark FeeEquipmentAll included Price/Person
4 Bed Share Cabin17600 THB1600 THB1200 THB20400 THB
Twin or Double Bed Cabin20600 THB1600 THB1200 THB23400 THB
PADI CoursesOn Request
SnorkelersOn Request
Pick up from Phuket250THB/Way/Pers

Price all included, includes: All food on-board, taxi from Khao Lak, dive guide, water, coffee, tea
Not Included: Soft drinks, alcohol, dive insurance.

Cabins1 X 4 Bed Share, 5 X Twin Bed, 3 Double Bed Cabin
W.C3 Share toilet and shower
DecksSun Deck, Shaded Areas, Shaded Dining Area
FoodThai, Western, Vegetarian on request
Towels1 towels person
CrewDive Guide, Cook, Engineer, Capitain, Boat Boys, Cleaner
Dive Guide Ratio1 Dive Guide for 4 to 5 divers
Camera BucketYes
Voltage220V, plug in each cabins
EntertainmentSaloon with TV, DVD, Music, Books
SafetyOxygene, first aid kit, EFR trained Staff, Satelite phone, GPS, Life raft, Dingy, Life Jacket, Flares, Depth Sounder, Compass, Radio