Richelieu Rock Diving

(Available only from 15th October to 15th May)

Richelieu Rock Diving

Richelieu Rock Diving Daytrip

The world famous “Richelieu Rock” is waiting for you!!
Our Richelieu Rock diving daytrip will take you this is beautiful dive site in less than 1:30 with our fast catamaran.
Richelieu Rock is a massive underwater rock formation held an important diversity of marine life, from small sea horse to giant whale shark.This is an amazing dive site, which is a true paradise for photographer and divers. You will make 2 dives at Richelieu Rock, which will give you plenty of time to explore this massive rock formation. You can dive as an Open Water there, but be aware of a bit more current, it’s nice if you have either the deep dive (30m) or Advanced certification so you can explorer the full depth of the dive site.
(You can take the deep adventure dive onboard for 1500 THB, if you want)
There is no snorkeling possible at Richelieu Rock.

  • Super-Fast
  • Nitrox Available
  • Sundeck with mattresses
  • Free Soft-drinks
  • Fresh water showers
  • Discover the world wide famous Richelieu Rock, THE Best dive site of Thailand!

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      *On the price without park fees and equipment.

    Richelieu daytrip itinerary:

    • 07:15-08:00 Pick-up from hotel
    • 08:30 Boat Departure
    • 10:00 Boat Briefing
    • 10:15 Richelieu Rock Dive 1
    • 12:00 Lunch served buffet style
    • 13:15 Richelieu Rock Dive 2
    • 15:00 Boat Depart after an amazing day
    • 16:30 Arrive at the Pier and transfer back to your hotel

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    Richelieu Rock diving daytrip Prices:

    PricePark FeeEquipmentAll included Price
    Diver5300 THB700 THB500 THB6500 THB
    Snorkeler/Non DiverNO
    15 L Tank200 THB/Tank
    Private Guide2000 THB
    Try DivesNO

    Price all included, includes: Full set equipment, all food on-board, taxi from Khao Lak, dive guide ratio 1 to 4 or 5, water, coffee, tea
    Not Included: Soft drinks, alcohol, dive insurance, dive computer , full length wetsuit.
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    Who discovered Richelieu Rock?

    Richelieu Rock was discovered by the french scuba diving explorer Jacques Cousteau, the rock was known before that by fisherman, but Mr Cousteau dived it first and named it. Read more on Wikipedia
    About Richelieu Rock

    Where does the name of Richelieu Rock comes from?

    The origins of the name have 2 versions.
    Richelieu Rock was named by Jacques Cousteau when he discovers it. The colorful purple reddish soft coral covering the rock reminded him of the rob’s color of Cardinal Richelieu (a French clergyman during the 17th century).
    “Riche” “lieu” means as well in french “Rich” “Places”, meaning the place is rich in marine life activity.
    Another theory is that it was named upon the name of the Andreas du Plessis de Richelieu, a Danish commander who became admiral of the Royal Thai Navy (1900).
    Richelieu Rock name origins

    What can I see at Richelieu Rock?

    The rock is covered of purple soft coral and anemonies and seafans. Lots of anemone fish, moray eels, scorpion feesh covers the rock. Big school of yellow snapper, great & chevron barracuda, grouper and a giant grouper has made the rock his home. Lots of macro life,like mantis shrimps, corie shelves, nudibranches. And the best for the end, the giant Whale shark, Richelieu Rock is the best place to spot whale sharks in Thailand.

    Is Richelieu Rock a difficult dive site?

    Richelieu Rock is not an extremely difficult dive site, on a nice day it’s pretty easy. It can become a bit difficult in bad condition, when waves and currents are strong, due to the fact that the dive site is an underwater pinnacle in the middle of the sea, there is no protection from wind and currents.
    That’s what makes Richelieu Rock a marine life heaven as well.
    We recommend divers to be Advanced Open Water, but Open Water Divers can joins as well if they have a few dives and are confident.
    Richelieu Rock dive site
    Richelieu Rock Dive Site Description & Map

    Richelieu Rock is part of Surin National Marine Park, about 70 km from Khao Lak. The rock formation is horse-shoe shaped and located in the middle of the sea. It provides no shelters for the boats unlike in the Similans (so it is not a site if you get easily sea-sick). Currents depend on the tides and can be strong so it is recommended for more experienced divers. Richelieu Rock is a paradise for photographer and divers. This massive rock formation consists of diversity of marine life and every inch on the rock has been colonized by beautiful purple soft corals, anemones, barrel sponges and sea fans. If you’re lucky, a Whale Shark or Manta Rays may pass by!

    Depth range: 5 – 35 m.
    Visibility: 10 – 35 m.
    Water temperature: 27 – 29 C
    Experience level: Intermediate – Advanced
    Current: Can be strong

    Marine life: Sea horse, Harlequin shrimp, variety of Nudibranch, Pipe fish, Clown fish, Box fish, Cuttle fish, whale shark, Big school of Snapper, Chevron barracuda, Giant grouper, and many more.

    Richelieu Rock Map

    Richelieu Rock Diving Daytrip
    Richelieu Rock Diving Daytrip

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    Daytrip diving 2 dives at Richelieu Rock for certified diver.
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    Richelieu Rock Diving Daytrip
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    We went on a daytrip to Richelieu adn had a fabulous day out. The conditions were great, Richelieu Rock has so much marine life it was amazing.
    Diving daytrip to Richelieu Rock

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