Koh Tachai Diving

(Available only from 15th October to 15th May)

Koh Tachai Diving

Koh Tachai Diving Daytrip

Koh Tachai diving daytrip is not to be missed. Koh Tachai Island is a part of the Similan National Marine Park, the northern islands past Koh bon. Koh Tachai diving is one of our favorite dive site in the area. There is 2 dive sites at Koh Tachai, the reef adn the pinnacle, Koh Tachai pinnacle is a huge granite plateau covered of soft coral, sea fans, anemones, the strong curent bring food from the depth and attract big school of fish. trevally, mackerel, tuna, sharks, and sometimes Manta rays and whale shark.
At Koh Tachai pinnacle anything can happen, this is one of the best spot to see the giant Mantas or Whale Shark swimming by.

You really feel like being in an aquarium, surrounding of fish swimming frenetically.

Our fast catamaran will take you to Koh Tachai in about 1:20.
With 2 times 350 HP inboard engines, this is the faster way to get to Koh Tachai.
Between the dives, you can relax on the sundeck, Free available for certified diver.

Snorkeling is no longer possible at Koh Tachai, the dive sites are reserved for scuba divers only.

  • Super-Fast
  • Nitrox Available
  • Sundeck with matresses
  • Free Softdrinks
  • Fresh water showers
  • Discover the Koh Tachai islands with our diving daytrip, relax and enjoy the pristine reefs!

    Best dive site of Thailand! Richelieu Rock
    • Start Everyday!
    • DISCOUNT: Combine with other trips
    • 2nd Trip 5% OFF*
      3rd Trip 10% OFF*
      Returning customer 10% OFF*
      *Discount on the price without park fees and equipment.

    Koh Tachai diving daytrip itinerary:

    • 07:15-08:00 Pick-up from hotel
    • 08:30 Boat Departure
    • 10:00 Boat Briefing
    • 10:15 Koh Tachai Dive
    • 12:00 Lunch served buffet style
    • 13:15 Koh Tachai Dive
    • 15:00 Boat Depart after an amazing day
    • 16:30 Arrive at the Pier and transfer back to your hotel
    Day Destination
    Monday Koh Tachai 2 Dives by Speedboat or 1 Dive Tachai 1 Dive Koh Bon
    Tuesday Not Available
    Wednesday Koh Bon/Koh Tachai by Fast Catamaran 3 Dives
    Thursday Koh Tachai 2 Dives by Speedboat
    Friday Not Available
    Saturday Not Available
    Sunday Koh Bon/Koh Tachai by Big boat 2 Dives

    Speedboat with 3*350 HP inboard engine, fast and comfortable.

    What to bring and Check-in process:

    • Sun protection
    • Towel
    • Bathing suit
    • Camera
    • your dive equipment if you have any
    • 14:00 Arrive at the Pier and transfer back to your hotel

    Check In Process:

    • Come to our dive center the day before departure before 17:00, to pay the remaining balance and try on the equipment.
    • Bring Your Logbook
    • Bring Certification Card

    Online Check-in:

    • Don t have time to come to our dive center, do our online check in

    Send us by email:

    • a picture of your last page of logbook
    • Copy of your certification card
    • Your high, weight and shoe size, so we can plan your equipment sizes
    • Then pay the remaining balance online
    • We will pick you up directly from your hotel in the morning

    Koh Tachai diving daytrip Prices:

    Price Park Fee Equipment All included Price
    Diver 4800 THB 700 THB 500 THB 6000 THB
    Diver (3 Dives Bon/Tachai on Wednesday only) 5600 THB 700 THB 500 THB 6800 THB
    Snorkeler/Non Diver Tachai is not allowed for snorkeling anymore NO Snorkeler
    15 L Tank 200 THB/Tank
    Nitrox 200 THB/Day
    Private Guide 2000 THB

    Price all included, includes: Full set equipment, all food on-board, taxi from Khao Lak, dive guide ratio 1 to 4 or 5, water, coffee, tea
    Not Included: Soft drinks, alcohol, dive insurance, dive computer , full length wetsuit.

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    Dive Site Description & Map
    Tachai Reef

    An island locates 20 km north of Koh Bon, Koh Tachai has very spectacular white sand beach and two very interesting dive spots; Tachai Reef and Pinnacle. . The reef stretches from north to south on the eastern side of the island. The reef slope falls from 5-10 m. to sandy bottom at around 25-30 m. The area is covered with hard corals, most of which are Stag-horn corals, Pore corals, Brain corals, and Fire corals. Many tiny rocks and rubble are also seen in the area. This dive site is very good for sunset and night dive as well as day dive where it is not so deep.

    Depth range: 5 – 25 m.
    Visibility: 15 – 30 m.
    Water temperature: 27 C +
    Experience level: Beginner
    Current: Mild to Moderate

    Marine life: Home to variety of general reef fish, such as Lion fish, Giant moray eel, Puffer-fish. Leopard shark is sometimes seen lying in the sandy bottom and shallow parts. Big sting-rays, Cuttle fish, Nudibranchs, Flatworms are often seen.

    Tachai Pinnacle

    Koh Tachai pinnacle Tachai Pinnacle or Twin Peaks, are a pair of submerged pinnacles located 500 m south of Tachai island. It is a more challenging site suitable only for Advanced divers. The dive site has a coral garden in the center and big granite boulders scattered around. The most shallow point is at 12 meters, and on the outside of the boulders is around 35 to 40 meters deep. Whale sharks, Manta rays, Leopard sharks & Napoleon wrasse are just a few of the exciting animals that can be seen here.

    Depth range: 12 – 40 m.
    Visibility: 10 – 30 m.
    Water temperature: 27 C +
    Experience level: Intermediate – Advanced
    Current: Moderate to Strong

    Marine life: Manta rays often pass by the area for feeding or circling around the pinnacles. Whale Sharks and Manta Rays are often seen between December to Mai.
    On the outer sand bed, Leopard sharks are usually seen lying around. Big school of Yellow tail barracuda, Banner fish, Sea Turtle can also be seen.

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