Khao Lak Wrecks | Boonsung and other Wrecks

(Available only from 15th October to 15th May)

Khao Lak Wrecks diving

Khao Lak Wrecks Diving Daytrip

There are 4 Khao Lak wrecks diving possible: “Boonsung”, “Premchai”, “MV Sea Chart” and “HTMS Pratong”. These Khao Lak wrecks act as fish nurseries as there are abundant of juvenile fish and different species of marine life all around. You can find stone fish, trevally, all kinds of moray eels, many different kinds of puffer fish, sting ray, lion fish, a wide diversity of shrimps, crabs and nudibranches and more. Great for photographers, these wreck will take you back in time, this is a great half day of Khao Lak wreck local diving.

  • Half Day
  • Local Dive Sites
  • Relaxing
  • “Fish Soup”

Discover the world of wreck diving in Khao Lak, it s an easy half day, relax and enjoy the dives!

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Wreck daytrip itinerary:

  • 07:15-08:00 Pick-up from hotel
  • 08:30 Boat Departure
  • 09:00 Boat Briefing
  • 10:00 Wreck Dive 1
  • 11:15 Lunch served buffet style
  • 11:45 Wreck Dive 2
  • 14:30 Arrive at the Pier and transfer back to your hotel
Everyday on RequestBoonsung or Preimchai

Khao Lak wreck diving daytrip Prices:

PricePark FeeEquipmentAll included Price
Boonsung wreck by longtail boat3100 THB500 THB3600 THB
Boonsung wreck by speedboat3500 THB500 THB4000 THB
Preimchai wreck3100 THB500 THB3600 THB
MV Seachart wreckNo longer availableNo longer available
HTMS PratongNo longer availableNo longer available
15 L Tank200 THB/Tank
Nitrox150 THB/Tanks
Private Guide2000 THB
Try DivesNO

Price all included, includes: Full set equipment, all food on-board, taxi from Khao Lak, dive guide ratio 1 to 4 or 5, water, coffee, tea
Not Included: Soft drinks, alcohol, dive insurance, dive computer , full length wetsuit.

Boonsung wreck

General Information:
The Boonsung wreck is a tin dredger and was sank around 1985. It is located to the west of Bangsak pier, about 7 nautical miles off shore. The wreck lies on flat sand about 18-20 meters deep. The dimensions of the wreck are around 10 m. wide and 30 m. long. The average roof level of the wreck is at a depth approx. 13-16 m. and the highest part of the wreck is about 11-12 m. deep. There are about two buoys that daytrip boats use to moor.

Current: Mild to moderate

Visibility: Between 5 – 15 meters

Marine life:

Although Boonsung wreck is a small site, tons of fish gather around here such as schools of b Big-eye trevally, Snappers, Yellow tail barracuda, and Batfish. Also big schools of Porcupine fish and Squids can be seen lingering around. On the sand floor, you can often see a variety of Gobies dwelling in their holes, Blue spot stingray, and Tiny flounder and flatheads wedged in the sand. On the wreck, you can find a great selection of Nudibranchs. Moray eels, including White-eyed moray and Honeycomb moray can be seen here emerging from almost every crack. Cuttlefish, Box fish, Lionfish, and Juvenile sweetlips can also be seen.

Preimchai Wreck

General Information:

Situated only a few hundred meters of the southern end of Khao Na Yak, near Thaplamu Harbour – the Premchai wreck is a great choice for a half day trip. This old tin dredger sank around a decade ago and is now a nursery for a large variety of marine life. Still in one solid piece, you can see the crack along the hull. Due the massive amount of nets and cables, penetration is not allowed. The wreck lies at an average depth of between 16-20 meters, with the top of the wreck extending to around 15 meters. Because of its depth it is ideal to dive on Nitrox. We use a line for the descend and spend a nice long dive to explore as much possible of the wreck.

Current: Mild or depends on the tides

Visibility: Between 5 – 15 meters

Marine Life:

Premchai Wreck is a hiding place for lots of juvenile fish. It is surrounded by schools of Fusiliers, Juvenile barracuda and there are Lionfish everywhere. Scorpionfish hide on the wrecks surface and you can find several species of Boxfish, Angelfish, Pipefish and Nudibranch. You can find cephalopods like Squid and Cuttlefish and look in the sand for Flounders and Gobies. Ghost pipefish have also been spotted around the wreck.

Mv Sea Chart 1 Wreck

General Information:

Mv Sea Chart 1 was in the process of transporting 1,200 logs of wood in its 3200 tonnes hold from Burma, heading across the Andaman Sea, down through the Straits of Malacca and then on to to its final destination in Vietnam. However, in August 2009, the bulk-carrier encountered problems not far from Thailand’s coast, where rough seas and severe weather battered the ship, causing multiple leaks in its hull. Water also leaked into the engine room and began to sink the vessel. All crew on board the Sea Chart 1 managed to escape on inflatable rafts soon to be rescued by a Thai Navy ship. MV Sea Chart is 84 meters long and 12 meters wide, and now rests on her starboard side in 40 meters of water. This dive site is suitable for only experienced divers or for deep dive courses. This dive site is best dived with Nitrox.

Current: Mild or depends on the tides

Visibility: Between 5 – 15 meters

Marine Life:

There is lots of Lionfish, a school of huge Batfish, several different unusual Nudibranchs, a school of big Rainbow runners, a big school of Barracuda, Octopus, Ghost Pipefish, Frogfish and many others.

HTMS Pratong Wreck

General Information:

The HTMS Pratong was sunk in March 2014, the boat used to be an american World War 2 ship, the was sold to Thailand after participating in the Cuban missile crisis and after that has been used by Thai Royal Marine Corps for navy training.

Current: Mild or depends on the tides

Visibility: Between 15 – 33 meters

Marine Life:

Despite the fact that the wreck is quite recent, an amazing amount of fish start living on it just a few month after it sunk. There is lots of Lionfish, snapper, Nudibranchs, Barracuda, Octopus, Ghost Pipefish, Frogfish of 3 different colors and whale shark has been seen hanging on the top of the wreck a few times already!!.

Is the Khao Lak wrecks an easy dive site?

The wrecks around Khao Lak area are quite easy, accessible to all level except the MV Seachart which requires to be Nitrox Certified. The Boonsung and Preimchai wreck both lays between to 14 to 20 m so it’s suitable for Open Water divers as well.
Khao Lak wreck

Is there an house reef in Khao Lak?

Unfortunately, Khao Lak has no house reef. The coast of Khao Lak is sandy. Many divers think you can dive near the coast, but in fact only the wreck are close enough and nice. All the best dive sites of Khao Lak are located at the Similan islands dive sites. Khao Nayak house reef is a small reef near the south coast of Khao Lak, but not nice enough for experience divers. Dive courses can be done there, which greatly reduce the cost of the course due to close distance.
Khao Lak house reef

Does Khao Lak have other dive sites?

The only Khao Lak dive sites are the wrecks, otherwise you need to go all the way to the Similan islands national park for beautiful dive site and nice visibility. The Similan islands are easily reached with our Similan diving daytrips or scuba diving liveaboards.
Khao Lak dive sites

Can you dive Khao Lak wrecks off season?

The wrecks are only accessible during the Similan islands season (October to May) due to the fact that Khao Lak weather is nice during this time. Off season it’s allowed to go, but highly depend on sea condition…
Khao Lak Boonsung wreck