Khao Lak Diving Daytrips

(Available only from 15th October to 15th May)

Khao Lak is located on the Andaman coast for Thailand, Khao lak is the closest town from the Similan islands, making it a popular destination for scuba divers.
Our Khao Lak diving daytrips to Similan islands are departing from Khao Lak, Phuket being far from the Similans, you will save time staying in Khao Lak to do you diving daytrips to Similan islands.

Our Khao Lak diving daytrips provide you with 2 option to go to your favorite dive sites.
A fast catamaran: it takes only 1:30 with our fast catamaran from Khao Lak to the Similan islands, this is the fastest way to get to the dive sites and back to your hotel.

A comfortable Daytrip boat: This larger daytrip boat is full comfort, it takes a bit longer to get to the dive sites, but you will have more space to relax, get breakfast and have time to set up equipment, briefing on the way to the Similan islands perfect for fun divers, families, try dive and courses.

Pick up from your hotel is FREE, we pick you up and drop you off after your day of diving.

Our Different Khao Lak Diving daytrips Destinations

Similan Diving Daytrip

Similan Islands Diving Daytrip

The Similan islands is archipelagos of 9 islands, crystal clear water and a wide variety of marine life makes it a paradise for scuba divers. Fringing reefs and granite boulder underwater formation, give the dive sites an incredible underwater scenery.
Suitable for beginners to experience divers.

Koh Bon Diving Daytrip

Koh Bon Diving Daytrip

Koh Bon is famous for frequent sighting for Manta Rays between December to April. These giant Manta comes to the cleaning station (where cleaner fish cleans the Manta rays body). The best part is when they come they stay there for while so you have plenty of time to enjoy the show.
The dive site has as well a lot to offer, fringing reef, moray eels, octopus, see snake, snapper and more. Suitable for beginners to experience divers.
Suitable for beginners to experience divers.

Koh Tachai Diving Daytrip

Koh Tachai Diving Daytrip

Koh Tachai is one of our favorit dive site and not to be missed, a huge granitic plateau covered of seafans, anemonies, soft coral. The strong current bring a lot of marine life and pelagic, like tuna, mackerel, Manta and Whale sharks.
Suitable for beginners to experience divers.

Richelieu Rock Diving Daytrip

Richelieu Rock Diving Daytrip

The world wide famous Richelieu Rock is the most incredible dive site we have around. This limestone pinnacle covered of purple soft coral, sea-fans, anemones, hold so much marine life that it feels like being in an aquarium. Paradise for underwater photographer, lots of macro life and of course the best place to spot whale shark.
Intermediate to Advanced Divers only.

Wrecks Diving Daytrip

Wrecks Diving Daytrip

Our easy day to local wrecks is more or less half a day. There is 4 wrecks around Khao Lak. The Boonsung Wreck, Preimchai Wreck, MV Sea Chart and Pratong Wreck. These Local wrecks are great dive sites not so far from the coast, a real “fish soup” and a lot of macro life.

Which dive sites to choose in Khao Lak?

All the dive sites in Khao Lak are interesting and most of them suitable to every divers, Richelieu Rock and Koh Tachai can have strong current so we recommend these dive sites for advanced open water divers
Have a look a the Similan dive sites maps.
Scuba diving Khao Lak

What is the best dive site in Thailand?

The west coast of Thailand and the Andaman sea hold the best diving in Thailand. So you are at the right place! Richelieu Rock is the most impressive and the best dive site in Thailand in our opinion.
Colorful soft coral and a lot of marine life with the chance to cross the path of whale shark during the season, makes it the best dive site of Thailand.
Khao Lak Dive Sites

When is the best season to dive in Khao Lak?

The best season to dive Khao Lak is from mid-October to mid-May, with the best weather being between December to mid-Arpil. Have a look at Khao Lak Seasons. The Similan islands national only opens 6 month per year, have a look at the Similan islands season.
Khao Lak diving day trips
Great diving day-trip from Khao Lak
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Great diving day trip from Khao Lak, 2 dives and the chance to see a napoleon wrass!
Nice organisation and friendly staff onboard, thank you Khao Lak Explorer.
Rating: 5
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