Night Bus from Khao Lak to Bangkok

Sorry Bus Ticket service is NO LONGER available from us

There is no cheaper way to get from Khao Lak to Bangkok than the bus.
The bus ride is a long journey bus you can catch the bus from Khao Lak and it will drop you after 11 or 12h at the bus terminal in Bangkok.
The best way to make the journey is by night bus, you will depart at the end of the afternoon and arrive early morning in Bangkok after a good night of sleep…. or not so good depending how good of a sleeper you are.

There is 2 options, either the government buses which depart from Khao Lak bus station, you will have to get a cab to get the bus terminal, 8 km north of Khao Lak, the departure is a bit earlier then the private buses which make you arrive very early morning in Bangkok. You can get a ticket there or you can buy a ticket from us for the same price (you will actually save money, by saving the taxi ride to the buys terminal). All buses got blankets, toilets and you get dinner on the way at a restaurant.

There is the standard buses or the VIP deluxe buses, which give you more room for you foot and legs and a seat which can incline horizontally.

The private buses are great as well, the main advantage is that it leaves later, which makes you able to go on our tours or diving trips and liveaboards and catch the bus directly after in the center of Khao Lak.
The bus stop right in the center, you do need to book your ticket before, you can buy it with us at our office and we will check availability for you.
If you go on a dive trip or liveaboards you need to wait 24h before flying, night bus is a great way to avoid the wait and keep your travelling and holidays time efficiently spend.

We recommend you this website for booking tickets:

Booking Bus TicketsBooking Bus TicketsBooking Bus Tickets

Night Bus from Khao Lak to Bangkok

You have the choice between government buses or private company buses.

Khao Lak Private Buses

The Private buses Advantage:

  • Late Departure
  • Arrival Early morning in Bangkok
  • Suitable for after a scuba diving trip
  • Pick up from Khao Lak Center

Timetable: Departure Everyday at: 18:00 from our office.

Khao Lak Government Buses

The government buses are great but not as convenient

  • Slightly Cheaper
  • Afternoon Departure
  • Arrival Early morning in Bangkok
  • Have to take a taxi or bus to Khao Lak bus terminal

Timetable: Departure Everyday at: 18:00 from our office.

Day Bus from Khao Lak to Bangkok

There is no Advantage in taking a day bus as you will waist a day in the bus for nothing. Better take the night bus.
If you have to travel by day, take a flight from Phuket airport to Bangkok, there is some every hours.

Where to buy Khao Lak to Bangkok bus Ticket?

Contact Khao Lak Explorer for buying your bus tickets you can even buy your Khao Lak to Bangkok bus ticket online with us.
Khao Lak to Bangkok Bus

Sorry our Bus Ticket service is no longer available. You can find a small travel agency near the traffic light who sell them.